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Prioritizing in a Hectic World: Balancing Massive Rocks:

Just lately, I coached knowledgeable juggling a number of obligations: pursuing a PhD, working full-time, being a devoted sports activities dad or mum, and in search of their subsequent profession alternative. They talked about giving 100% to every thing they do—a sentiment many people share. Typically, we even say, “I give 110% to every thing I do!” Nevertheless, we all know this isn’t sustainable. We frequently discover ourselves a 12 months later with out the massive purpose completed, the yearly decision unmet, and scattered in thought and mired within the on a regular basis. Can we evolve from work/life steadiness to work/life integration? This shift makes prioritizing essential.

Do Sweat the Small Stuff

The small stuff can get in the best way of the “massive stuff,” and the small stuff makes up the massive stuff! The small stuff makes up our on a regular basis lives in a giant manner.

It’s typically inconceivable to get out of our busy manner – we go to mattress nonetheless pondering of all of the issues we didn’t do and begin making lists of the issues we’ll get executed tomorrow.  This has been termed “monkey thoughts” (1) The time period “monkey thoughts” refers to a state of restlessness, distraction, and unsettled ideas, typically likened to the habits of a monkey always leaping from department to department. When our thoughts is just not centered, it runs amok. 

Prioritizing Clears the Decks

Listed below are 4 important and easy strategies for efficient prioritizing of duties that transcend the To-Do record:

  1. Select Actions Properly: Break your duties into quadrants based mostly on worth and time funding.
  2. Handle Power and Priorities: Concentrate on actions that align together with your vitality ranges.
  3. Apply the Pareto Precept: Acknowledge that 80% of your output comes from 20% of your enter. Prioritize duties that yield the best outcomes.
  4. Concentrate on Vital and Pressing Duties: Consider what’s each pressing and vital (The Eisenhower Matrix).

These methods assist construction our every day duties, putting actual worth on every. However what do all these small duties result in? What’s the consequence?

Assume Larger

We will apply a few of these duties to bigger, long-term tasks like job looking, beginning a enterprise, planning for retirement, incomes a level, or constructing a trip house. Throughout many teaching periods, the skilled and I talk about whether or not to undertake new commitments. It’s important to weigh the hassle towards the potential advantages. Being aware of our “massive rocks”—important objectives—may also help us prioritize and presumably eradicate much less impactful duties. This may take much less time than scrolling by way of your favourite social media feeds!

Prioritizing & Operationalizing BIG Targets

One approach I like to recommend is operationalizing massive objectives. This includes not simply setting priorities however being sensible concerning the effort required, with out judgment, however with honesty. Combining this with the 4 strategies can make clear and align our objectives with actionable steps.

Step 1: Decide Effort

Create a easy desk itemizing your objectives, their precedence, and the estimated effort every would require. Assume your complete effort capability is 100%.

For instance, our skilled, was evaluating whether or not to pursue a PhD alongside different commitments:

Aim Precedence % Effort
Acquire PhD 1 40%
Create Branding as a presenter and Author (5 articles and 5 talking engagements per quarter) 2 10%
Concentrate on new enterprise – enhance by 30% by 12 months-Finish 3 30%
Lower bills by downsizing (New Smaller Residence) 4 10%
Concentrate on wellness (Train Every day and Mediate) 5 10%

Step 2: Use the 4 Strategies for Deeper Perception

Ask 4 crucial questions based mostly on the 4 prioritizing strategies and rating every purpose:

  1. Which purpose has essentially the most worth to you?
  2. Which purpose energizes you essentially the most?
  3. Which purpose has the least diploma of issue?
  4. Which purpose is most pressing or vital?

For our skilled, this seemed like:

Aim Precedence % Effort Worth Power Problem Urgency
Acquire PhD 1 40% 5 3 4 5
Create Branding as a presenter and Author (5 articles and 5 talking engagements per quarter) 2 10% 3 1 3 3
Concentrate on new enterprise – enhance by 30% by 12 months-Finish 3 30% 1 2 2 1
Lower bills by downsizing (New Smaller Residence) 4 10% 4 4 5 4
Concentrate on wellness (Train Every day and Mediate) 5 10% 2 5 1 2

Step 3: Analyze and Reconfigure Your Outcomes

Study the alignment between effort and the 4 prioritizing elements. Alter your objectives accordingly to optimize your focus and vitality.

After cautious consideration, the ultimate purpose chart seemed like this:

Aim Precedence % Effort
Create Branding as a presenter and Author (5 articles and 5 talking engagements per quarter) 1 40%
Concentrate on new enterprise – enhance by 30% by 12 months-Finish 2 40%
Concentrate on wellness (Train Every day and Mediate) 3 20%

Our professionals determined to prioritize enterprise and branding efforts, acquire vitality from enhancing well being, and defer graduate schooling and downsizing plans. This centered method permits most worth to be achieved from an important and pressing objectives with out diluting effort and vitality.

Obtain Calm and Clear

By strategically prioritizing and operationalizing your objectives, you possibly can obtain larger readability, alignment, and success in each every day duties and long-term tasks. Deal with this as a residing record of your objectives and revisit it as typically as wanted. Your vitality and wishes do change. And most significantly, not solely are you able to scale back “monkey thoughts,” however you can even enhance your success and scale back remorse!


  1. Hanson, R., & Mendius, R. (2009). Buddha’s Mind: The Sensible Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Knowledge. New Harbinger Publications.


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